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3D Animation - Our Ocean Of Ideas

A relaxing little 3D experiement of soothing sounds and fun animation - think of what your company could create using this sort of campaign, message or image you'd wish to get across. 


A Short Showreel

Watch the short showreel of our work and get an idea of our work and techniques.

 Sample Corporate Video - Using 3D Motion Graphics

Impress your clients by adding a corporate video to your website and show what you can do with simply one click of the button.  

Inspiring Words - Dickie O' Sullivan 

A clip bit of a Vox Pop captured in Bantry Aug' 2018.

An advertising video

An advertising video - is the promotion of your company in the market, winning the presentation of goods and services.

3-D Animation Video

3-d animated videos give your business an excellent opportunity to wow your customers with a 3-d character and story.


Get a class, fun, funky, cool trailer together of your event it means more will be there next time. 

 "Extreme Energie"

Introductory video to the site of an energy and fitness company "Extreme Energie" that provide outdoor adventure events etc for corporate companies. 

Rebranding "Credit Union"

Video, made to help a Credit Union prepare its customers before they rebranded their name.

A mini-Documentary for "Age Action"

A mini-documenatry made for "Age Action" — a charity there to help educate and protect older people in society.

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