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Pricing Structure

DreamLine Media Productions Ltd – Pricing Structure

Corporate Video Production Company Cork

Are you sitting in your office… perhaps struggling trying to figure out…

DreamLine Media Productions Ltd - Pricing Structure what type of video you need or if you can afford it? –

Well on reading the data below I hope this helps give you a clearer image of what it is you need & can achieve from us…

DreamLine Media wants to help you make that high impact, by creating a professional video without emptying your bank account…!


Corporate Video Production Company CorkWe have below a pricing structure and a list of various types of videos in order to help give you an idea ‘what is available’. Even, if you can’t choose which type you really want; when we meet with you we will discuss what you can achieve/gain from each type. The only thing we need to know is What the purpose of your video is?

  • Are you trying to gain more clientele?
  •                   Are you trying to reinforce the reliability, excellence, or quality of your brand’s image?
  • Are you trying to entertain your viewers?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What messages are you trying to convey?

These are the questions we ask so we can understand your needs and wants better. Remember, there are endless types of videos… To help give you a better idea – You can See below – we have listed the more popular current trend in videos and OUR Prices –


Website Banner Videos

These can be very effective when used on your website landing page as a banner/slide show to introduce your team or image…these really help break the ice between your company and the visitors to your website…and helps your website giving your landing page more media – for SEO results. –

These Prices are usually cheaper too…

Prices starting at €350


Corporate Videos

Traditional Corporate videos are common, mainly amongst large companies (but doesn’t need to be) that like to convey their successful image in that they are a well established company and this helps especially if your objective is to gain more clientele or promote your business and its services. – These vary in price depending on the amount of days of production and post especially if you wish to use Special effects like animation/motion graphics etc –

Prices starting on these videos are €800


Business Overview Videos

Business Overview videos are videos used to show, illustrate, or introduce a company, a product, a service, or any other idea or concept to its target market. This type of video is a good choice to use when your goal is to gain more clientele or to promote your business and its offerings. –

Pricing on this type of video will like any, vary too but could start at a cheaper cost of €700


Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are videos that are used to reinforce a company’s brand, image, or quality of their goods, services, or other offerings. Today, more and more consumers are relying on product reviews based on word of mouth. A testimonial video is a good choice in video to use when the goal of your video message is to gain more clientele by the use of your clients’ personal experiences. – Pricing for these type of videos depending on days of shoot and any needed extras like motions graphics etc

Pricing would start at €460


Explanatory Videos

Explainer or FAQ videos are videos that are used to explain or inform potential or current clients of information; whether it be new product or not -goods, services, events, or any other significant ideas or concepts of the like. This type of video is best used when the goal of the video message is solely to inform its customers and to encourage them to favor their company over another competitor.

Pricing for these would start at €700


Training Videos

These likewise can be very effective in marketing for high results in many factors… If you wish to do a series of simple training videos they can be very powerful on social media and can have a big impact on subscribers, likes, website traffic, shares amongst social media, discussions etc the list is endless. Again these type of videos can be powerful both on your site and social media. If your training courses are professional etc then you could also consider how producing these videos can act as a good package offer for the students. –

Pricing on these would start at €550


Imaginative/Creative TV Advert Video

Imaginative videos whether animated or not are more like what you see on TV shot in a cinematic effect and are very much promotional adverts with a strong branding and can have a very effective sway over the viewers opinion of your company.

Pricing on these are more expensive lowest possible would be €1500


triangle-150x150 copyIn the end the quote will depend on the size of the team/equipment needed and time etc to price the video for you but I hope the above list will help give you an idea of what it is about… DreamLine work with TV Broadcasting professionals and Top notch animation producers for TV etc as well as the TV/Radio voice-over artists – this we have worked out to ensure you can get a really professional production at a cheaper cost than any other Video Production company out there!

triangle-150x150 copySo on reading the above, have a think about it and remember too the above list is just a summary and it is probably best if you contact us and we arrange a coffee/chat so I or one of us from our team can go through this further with you and then get back to you with a more accurate quote 🙂