Keep your costs down

Your Website 

Many businesses don't realise the depth to which a Video can really impact on a possible customer's impression of you.  Some don't wish to break traditional methods of marketing but unfortunately as economy grows along with it does 'Technology' and it rules all industries including our lives, ever more day by day. It is essential to have a website some use Facebook as their website but really that I wouldn't advise (Facebook has its merits but really using it as a substitute or alternative to your Website/Home page is not a wise solution).

I know some may consider this is for Free and has saved them paying for a web designer, hosting/ domain name etc but really guys someone looking  you up or say check your menu (if you were a restaurant/not;) will be disappointed to find when they discover you on a google search and then clicked on the button to your website only to see a Facebook page opening up. Why's this? Well consider it from the point of view of the consumer they wanted to check you out or look for something but Facebook is simply photos, posts, comments that are totally irrelevant to a new client's needs and gives them no option of navigating to answer any of their questions.  All of this is necessary to know and I'll explain why in a moment - Yes, Facebook and other like social media sites are very beneficial to your business but your business needs a base and that is your Website/Home page then you use the social media sites almost like backlinks to your Home page. And if your reason for saying that is "I did this cos I'm starting off, I don't have the money to afford a web designer. I'm a small business", think no more because trust me the Internet is in its infancy and it is improving, growing, learning and getting easier and easier to use.

You no longer need to be able to use javascript,html5 etc anymore there are plenty of optional website templates that you can either buy for cheap prices or use for free. There may be a small bit of figuring out on how to do this/that by watching some tutorials online but honestly they are getting easier and easier to create with the softwares these sites are developing like Wordpress, TemplateMonster, MotoCMS, GoDaddy etc they have made it so easy to customise your template even a 9 year old can officially be a web designer. Look at these ways and consider I can keep my costs low and build a website for under a €100 or for nothing, then look for a cheap domain if you wished (eg. .xyz) and searched for the cheapest host. It is all possible and in essence it will mean you have kept your costs down. Consider the idea of having a website as essential because it is and it should be! 

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have and you need to use it to gain the most. Video is essential especially on your landing/home page why, because Google owns YouTube and most of its scanning rank video, video descriptions/meta descriptions as top choices in each of its searches. This helps rate your website in getting a better chance of being on the 1st page with a search related to your industry or service. Don't be afraid to contact your local Video Production Companies - Contact as many as you like and get some quotes. Don't rule this out if say you are stuck to a very low budget because what you should do here is explain what your budget is and then let them explain to you in detail what they would be willing to create for you and make sure you're sure of what level of quality their offers have. You could well be surprised as to what you could get for a small amount. Video production like all I have said above in the internet has improved and with technolgy it has gotten easier and more effective.

This has meant that Video Production too has gotten easier and cuts costs especially in equipment etc. Keep this in mind and perhaps if the initial quotes are way too high for you don't shy away from considering telling them your budget and see what they come up with - If you don't ask? You don't know!

Best of luck.