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"You can dream about it, or you can go out & make it happen". DreamLine are there to help make it Reel.


Our priorities are quality, creativity and impact. No wonder so many of our clients are satisfied with the videos and become our regular customers! 

Every work created by us is unique, embodied in the life by talented operators, editors and designers!

Our services include; Commercial video shoots, creation of presentation and image commercials, corporate films, shooting events, concerts, training videos, 3-d Animation... the list is endless.

Only individual

Approach to each customer!

Every work, created by us, is a unique idea, embodied in the life by talented operators, editors and designers!

Video TV and film production


We work with professional quality camera equipment, such as our Studio & E.N.G. JVC HM850 Cameras, Canon DSLRs and Sony z70 camera used onsite for documentaries.


and special effects

Video Studio specialists are here to develop computer graphics: motion graphics, 2-d and 3-d animation and visual effects.

Web video


Your site is a sales tool. If you are thinking about how to increase its effectiveness, note the videos. We are adept at isolating your message whether your video is for Online attention, Advertising, Email/Direct mail campaign, Training or social media sites.



Our experts carry out editing of the footage captured, agree it with you, make corrections, and then implement any further tweaks or suggestions.


and advertising


Quality promotional video is a product of a large number of professionals: copywriters, art-direсtors, directors, cameramen, editing directors, special effects, etc.

Green Screen for VLogs etc 

We will provide you with professional greenscreening facilities. Your video will be shot in High Tech equipment and will have crisp sound.

Our imagination

on serve of your needs

We are there to help create for you a unique communication with your audience. Each of our projects is a result of listening to you and what you want or wish to create and thanks to our crew and experience we strive to reach your goal.

Question: Do I need to know what I want before I contact a Video Production Company?

Answer: No, You don't need to know what you want to create. It is all about sitting down first to have a chat with us on what it is you wish to achieve and we will present you with ideas from our experience & knowledge.

One thing I will say: 'ordering our services, regardless of your budget, you get the product, that maximally meets your business objectives'.


- Derry O' Leary, the founder

Latest news

Recruiting to shoot a 'Short Movie'

7th Oct' 2019

October 7th - Working to recruit a Film Crew for a short movie to be shot in Cork before Christmas. We are working with top directors, sound mixers, producers and cinematographer to get this movie completed soon. 

August 13th - Re-editing Videos created earlier this year [FCPX+AE]

No 1 rule in all video production is to keep a back-up copy of all your files and work from clients you never know when they may request changes to a previous project. You don't want the intense work of having to re-create from scratch what you had completed for them from before? 

Working on a new Animation for 

August 6th - 3D animation [C4D]

We are currently working on pulling together a fun 3D animated story telling Pop-up Book for Smileyeileey to help children look after their precious teeth :) 

Our Ocean of Ideas - 3D Animation

9th July 2019

July 9th - 3D animation [C4D]

As stated below we are working on more demands for 3D animation so we've had to up our skills and have been experimenting with various styles and techniques and have designed a satisfying series of motion dealing with ocean movement, boat wake and sea foam etc. Watch on the video preview above or for a full view with the relaxing sounds used go to our Gallery page

Testing New Designs - 3D Animation

5th July 2019


July 5th - 3D animation [C4D]

Working on more demands for 3D animation so we've had to up our skills and have been experimenting with various styles and techniques and have designed a satisfying ocean movement, a boat, floating, boat wake and sea foam etc along with that we decided to put these new designs to the test by creating a short advert for ourselves which features a boat out at sea carving its way through the ocean. Our ship is called DreamLine and on it lands a seagull perched beside our sign for 3D videos. The little piece will only be about 40' long and has taken some month or two to create but is only acting as a method to put these creations to the test. The finished piece should be ready to be published by early next week! 



        June 27th


Just Ordered further equipment.


27th June: Just after making the order for several pieces of needed 'updating' equipment - Light Panels, Tripod and some other camera support/accessories. It's always almost addictive when you start buying new equipment and exciting lol.

                                              June 17th 


On shoot working with our softbox, DSLR and of course our handy mini Autocue [uploaded script will descend slowly down the screen before the lens to cue the presenter their script in time with their voice while staring directly at the camera]. Most people on shoot prefer the autocue to save them having to learn 'off-by-heart' their lines. 

11th June 2019


Testing Newly purcahsed equipment for several productions currently being organised (shown in the pic- Hague mini jib k3). We are working on using this new light weight portable mini jib for some up in coming Productions. The jib creates a very smooth , panning, tilting, gliding, elevating/descending effect to shoots and as with any new equipment we have to practise with it first giving it some test runs before we can allow it on a shoot. 

31st May 2019

Currently working on a series of videos for Stryker. A test run of videos are being produced at the moment in our editing suite and if they get the green flag - a larger series of videos will produced for the plant in Carrigtwohill, Cork

Our team work

25 March, 2019

Our film crew visited many parts of Ireland. In 2018, we shot in almost every province from Cork to Belfast. The camera lens was busy capturing so much of Ireland's beauty and hard weather.

Professional Filming Equipment


We provide everything a production could need, including: Camera crew, with Jibs, Sliders, TellyPrompter, Studio Cameras, Crane, Sound (Boom mics, boom poles) and Lighting (soft boxes, LED and panel lighting). 


Derry O' Leary

Derry O' Leary CEO of DreamLine Productions, and has been the captain steering the ship since the company’s inception.

Evelyn Corbett

Evelyn Corbett has been our sales rep and business mind at DreamLine Productions since 2014. She really knows how to keep things in order on all of our shoots.

Susan Burke

Susan is the Five-Star Producer of Video Productions. She serves as the point man for logistics and budgeting on all of our shoots. She also works alongside Martin and Alex in a lot of our editing. 

DreamLine Video Productions