The Current Stats show the growth of technology usage in the market

The internet is no longer just a tool for work – it’s become a way of working. In this digital age, the internet is the primary communications channel … and the most-used and most searched-for tool in this premier channel? Video. According to statistics researched by us below we learn that:
Rich media ads containing video increase purchase intent by 1.16% and drive success more than four times that of retailer's 2D photo slideshow/text displays.
In addition to the increase in purchase intent, video ads appear to increase consumer brand loyalty. Viewers favored a brand 2.30% more when exposed to rich media with a video ad opposed to the tiny 0.15% increase simple photo montage sequence experienced. (The Brand Value of Rich Media Ads, June 2009)

84% of smartphone owners use their devices to search local retailers, and 69% search for pricing information. (ROI Research Inc, 2016)